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Dr. Paneri has successfully treated 53 PD patients to a full recovery. He currently has over 1,200 PD patients world wide. Some of their comments are below.

Dear Dr, Nameste.

I have been taking medicines regulerly since November, 2009, (3 years 8 months) for my PD and strictly following your instruction.
I wish to inform you that I am fully satisfied and happy to note the improvement symptoms. The tremor on my left hand has stopped 80%.

Thank you
Mr Subramaniam. India

This is Hazel from Melbourne, Australia. I came across this group from a reference on the website of Dr Mukesh Paneri, I met him in India last December and he is an Ayurvedic herbal medicine practitioner of the 5th generation. He has had a lot of success with treating patients with Parkinsons. I met a Canadian lady at Dr Paneri's clinic, Padyavali, who is the Regional Secretary for ISKON in Western Canada. (Her testimony is on Dr Paneri's website) She told me that she had Parkinsons and was brought to Dr Paneri's clinic in Ahmedabad, India in a wheel chair as her gait was very unsteady and staggering on October 25, 2008.

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I saw her at the clinic on the 9th of December 2008 and she was walking normally. She also told me that she had met an American couple at the clinic the previous day, both of whom had been suffering of Parkinsons and had recovered 95% after taking Dr Paneri's Ayurvedic herbs for two and a half years. This has given me a lot of hope as I have been diagnosed with Parkinsons as my left arm has tremors (after a Shiatsu massage when the therapist pulled my shoulder hard and a tendon snapped and there was a 1.5 cm complete tear. I used acupuncture and Pranic healing and the X-rays showed the tendon had regenerated and joined but I have been left with this tremor and the doc says it is Parkinsons) Anyhow, I have had a consultation with Dr Paneri and I was referred to him by a medical doctor, who has sent many patients to him with great results. Within a couple of weeks of taking his Ayurvedic medicine my energy levels and mood have improved a lot and I feel much better in myself. Dr Paneri looked me straight in the eye and said that I would recover completely and would need to take the herbs for three and a half to four years and not for the rest of my life. I practice Homoeopathy, acupuncture and Pranic healing. Pranic healing has a specific protocol for the treatment of PD given in the book, Thank you. With warm regards to all.

Dr Hazel (Ph.D), Australia



Dear Dr. Paneri,
Mon. Jan.17,2011


Just a quick note to update you on my lovely wife Lyz's condition. Diagnosed in August, 2007 with an accelerated form of Parkinson's disease, conventional Western medications were only alleviating the progressive symptoms of the disease, which peaked in Oct./Nov. 2009. By the good graces of God we discovered your clinic and began treatment on Nov. 22, 2009. A list of her symptoms prior to the Ayurvedics: Progressive difficulty in basic movement, ie. walking, arm and hand movement, rolling over in bed, imbalance-falling down, arthritis, restless leg syndrome, internal uncontrollable shaking, especially at night, sleep disorder, curling of the toes, acid reflux condition, trouble swallowing, speach impairment, incontinence, debilating constipation, freezing, facial gating, terrible weight loss (107 to 94lbs), skin discoloration and clinical depression. Most of these are PD related, but some, the side efffects of the cocktail of medications.


Now the good news. After adhering (99%) to your Ayurvedic treatment for over 1 year now, we are extremely pleased to report that Lyz has displayed marked improvements in most of the above conditions. The very first improvement after one month, was her skin tone returned and began to "glow" again. After 3 months, she was able to drop 2 medications; acid reflux and restless leg syndrome. Six months in and no more incontinence medication. After month nine, Lyz had gained all her weight back, plus a couple "spare" pounds. We always maintain a sense of levity here, as I defined her as my "Ethiopian Portuguese" wife. Not funny, in reality!


As of today, just over a year on your treatment, Lyz moves much better (yoga, walking, physical & occupational therapy have helped), arthritic pain has mitigated, very little imbalance problems, only occasional internal shaking, virtually no freezing, facial gating is improving, vastly reduced constipation and sleeping soundly again for the most part. As can be expected she does have an occasional "off" day, but the frequency is getting much wider as time passes. As her care giver, I have witnessed first hand her deterioration and now triumphant rebound. I am convinced that if it were not for your brilliant Ayurvedic treatment of Lyz's Parkinson's, she would be in a wheelchair now. Thanks to your clinic and research, her quality of life is improving by the day.


I would be remiss not to mention that we have aligned with an outstanding network of support here in the United States too. Our efforts will continue on spreading the virtue of your clinic to those who will avail themselves to listening and thinking outside the "conventional" box.


Please feel free to share this with others. Looking forward to visiting India in a couple years when Lyz is PD Free!!!! We'll be furnishing updates as improving conditions dictate.


Forever grateful,
Ron & Lyz Graham



Dear Dr Paneri ,

At the outset I would like to thank you for treating my father Dr Raghbir Singh. He was deteriorating on his Parkinsons for 11 years before he started your treatment. He has been on it for 5 months but already he is feeling much better. Has gained 3 kilos and can sleep all night. Earlier he was getting up 10 times every night and just couldnt sleep.He has been under Dr Paneri's treatment for just over a year. Already the quality of life has improved. My father has had PD for 12 years now and was deteriorating very rapidly. The first thing that we have noticed is that the deterioration has STOPPED. he is on his way to recovery. I see him once a year as I am in Australia and I can see the difference.


The other important thing is that there are no side effects. Modern medicine as you now has bad side effects.


I am happy to be one of the testimonials for your web site. I would like people all over the world should know about your treatment. I am a member of group. The rest of the members are from US and Canada but I am trying to get some from Australia as well. I have mentioned about your treatment in the group. I am happy to be contacted on my mobile and you can give my number on your web site for that purpose.


Kind regards
Dr Satbir S Aulakh


We are regularly taking your good medicine.As we spoke on phone, now patient almost got cure from parkinson.presently patient is right hand & leg paralysed. left hand & leg normal.


1.90% good in speak & thoughts
2.95% good in digest &motion
3.100% good in taking normal food ,like us shivering in hands
5.if u touch the patient right hand & leg ,he feels lot of pain in his body.
6.right hand fingers are rigid . not leg fingers


We would like to cure from paralyse.





Dear Dr. Mukesh Paneri,



I thought I would update you on my father's health since it has been long time since we contacted each other. Overall, my father is doing much better. We don't see stiffness of his muscles. The body is lot more flexible than before. Mentally he is alert most of the time. We don't have to apply excessive physical force to make him get up from chair or bed. Thanks for your attention. I hope my inputs are useful.





My name is Padyavali and I am from Vancouver, Canada. I am Regional secretary for ISKCON FOR WESTERN CANADA. I am a 68 year old. I was diagnosed for Parkinsons about 5 years ago and I was introduced to Dr. Paneri through another Parkinsons patient. I am presently at Ahmedabad at his clinic and have been taking his medicine from last October. And I am taking medicine as well as massage and following his diet and regimen.


I am taking Dr.Paneri's medicines and am feeling much better. Less stiffness, clearer brain focus, tremors and rigidity gone totally and my gait is more focused and I am able to walk a straight line and not stagger. I had taken some of Dr.Paneri's medicines about a year ago but our communications got disrupted so I made arrangements to come to the clinic. At his clinic I met many patients of Parkinsons and all are on the path of recovery and results are excellent.


I understand from Dr. Paneri that I will have to take the medicines for 3 years. In the Ayurvedic system of medicine the body has 3 Dhosas, Kapha, Pita, Vata, or mucus, fire, air. Parkinsons is a disease of the life airs diagnosed by listening to the pulse. When this Vata is deranged, it creates havoc with the hand and nervous system. So Dr Paneri says we must bring down the Vata and balance it with other two Doshas and make the imbalance Vata into a balanced Vata. So therefore Dr Paneri advices cure for Parkinsons lies in taking medicine to make the Doshas in to balance which take up to 3 to 4 years depending upon the disease intensity and other factors.


Dr Paneri uses purely Organic Herbal medicine grown at his farm under strict supervision. This fact very much encouraged me and made me to have more faith in this process. Dr Paneri has been visiting and lecturing many countries and his website shows many testimonials of increased freedom from Parkinsons by following Dr Paneri`s medical system and diet. The adjustment of Parkinson patient’s body to his medicine is so immediate and there are no side effects as its purely Herbal Organics medicine.


I am writing to you to put my two cents worth of support for Parkinsons patients suffering from all over the world and they should not be mislead by false hope. I have seen real results at Dr Paneri's clinic and personally spoke to a couple who have been taking medicine from 2 and half years and they are 95% improved they told me. So I am very hopeful for my own situtation. And Dr Paneri has 52 cases of Parkinson totally cured and more than 120 patients are nearly 80% better.



I was suffering from involuntary body movements. This was finally Parkinson's disease, for which no western world cure exists. There is no doubt that you have saved my life. I am almost completely restored from the effect of the Parkinson disease. I have been fine.


Nathan Zakheim, Los Angeles, CA


(Click here to watch Nathan tells his amazing recovery story on video).



Dear Dr Paneri


At the outset I would like to thank you for treating my father Dr. Raghbir Singh. He was deteriorating on his Parkinsons for 11 years before he started your treatment. He has been on it for 5 months but already he is feeling much better. Has gained 3 kilos and can sleep all night. Earlier he was getting up 10 times every night and just couldn’t sleep. I am happy to be one of the testimonials for your web site. I would like people all over the world should know about your treatment. I am a member of group. The rest of the members are from US and Canada but I am trying to get some from Australia as well. I have mentioned about your treatment in the group.


Kind regards
Dr. Satbir S. Aulakh



In 1997 I was suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia. I was taking Maztol tablets 6 per day .prescribed by the western doctors. My doctor advised me to continue to take the tablet till the end of life. I was feeling uncomfortable. I like to give up medicine or willing to die then I contacted Dr. Paneri and he gave me an Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine. for Trigeminal neuralgia. I was taking western and Ayurvedic medicine at the same time. After six months I slowly slowly decreased the dosage of western medicine. After one and a half year I stopped western medicine totally. After three years I was totally cured and I stopped all the medicine. I am thankful to Dr. Paneri. And I have seen many other people cured from this disease.


Navin Shah
Ahmedabad, India (1947-1987)



I have been treated by Dr. Paneri for herpes and I can say boldly that I have been cured in a week's time. The medicine has no side effects. It is time for all of us to look back to Ayurveda for such safe product.


P. P. Sahanghvi



I am suffering from Parkinson since last 15 years. I started your treatment in May 1999. I stopped chemical medicine .Only taking Ayurvedic medicine given by you. My walk became steady and I stopped shaking. My energy improved. I am 70%better. I am confident I will be cured by your efforts and God's mercy.


Prof. Hargovind Patel, Newark, NJ



I was suffering from M.S. Since I began taking your minerals and herbs, I have regained almost total sensation in the lower portion of my body.  I am 99% better now. I don't think even a poet could clearly express how you and your expert knowledge have touched my life and therefore the lives of those I love.


Valeri Staszak, Santa Monica, CA



Dear, Dr. Paneri


I am suffering from Parkinson since last 20 years. It became chronic but since I started your treatment I feel relief. I hope my progress will make me to live better life.


Lella Nam Joshi, Mumbai, India


Dear, Dr. Paneri


I am thankful to you for your remedies. I stop doctor`s medicine. I want to express thanks for your treatment for my Parkinson. I am feeling 60% better.


Swami Maheshgiriji, Ahmedabad, Gujarat



Dear, Dr. Paneri


My deep appreciation for your treatment. I wish you can continue treat Parkinson patients and cure them from terrible disease.


Markus Blank, Zurich, Switzerland


In 1987 I was suffering from Liver problems and I got a severe Jaundice. No western doctors liked to take my case and doctor told my family that 'he will not survive'. Somebody suggested Dr. Paneri's name and we started the medicine and after 45 days treatment I was cured. I am thankful to Dr. Paneri for saving my life.


Kalpesh R.Raval, Ahmedabad, India


Dear Dr. Paneri,


I was suffering from Oligospermia. I was taking western medicine since 1990. My Sperm count was nil. I started Dr. Paneri's Treatment last year. My latest sperm count report became normal, 20 million. Rapidly Progressive motility became 55%, sluggishly 30%. My Endocologist surprised, Thanks to Dr. Paneri.


Chetan Ranpura. Ahmedabad, India



I am suffering from Parkinson disease for last 3 years. Effect of disease in left side; the disease was slowly progressing; I came in contact with Dr. Paneri and he started treatment since Dec. 2002.  Within 3 months of treatment stiffness and vibration in left hand side came under control and there is no side effect. I am grateful to Dr. Paneri, wishing him all the best for curing patients suffering from this disease.


R. P. Agrawal, working as Chief Manager ( chem.) Gail, India
Ltd, Vaghodia, Dist. Baroda



Dear Dr. Paneri


I am improving with regular taking of your medicine for my ailment of prostate. I have not to go for surgery. I am better with your medicine. I convey my hearty wishes for many more achievements for the good of world of patients.


Mahendrabhai S. Parikh, Retd.
Judge, High court of Gujarat


Dear Dr. Paneri


My Daddy is taking medicine since October 2002. He is progressing very well by the grace of God and obviously with the help of your medication. His speech is improved, walk is also improved, and falling is reduced to great extent, Thank you very much for your help.


Rajiv Singh



My son Nisarg had developed 8 to 10 numbers of white spots sizing between 2 mm to 50 mm at various places of hands and legs.


Shri Mukeshbhai had given medicines for removal of white spots. After 3 to 4 years of treatment all the white spots got disappeared.


We are very thankful to Dr. Mukeshbhai for giving right treatment for white spot which is very difficult to cure.


Manish B. Shah


Ayurvedic Medicine
and the President of Ayurvedic Sahayaknidhi an academy dedicated to the propagation

Ayurvedic Medicine
and the President of Ayurvedic Sahayaknidhi an academy dedicated to the propagation